I Support Etsy Strikers

$3.00 - $18.00
I Support Etsy Strikers

Set of four striker buttons for the striking sort out there.

*Sold as a complete set but you can also buy bottle openers and mirrors individually.

We are striking to protest Etsy’s treatment of sellers, their unchecked corporate greed, and allowing thousands of 3rd party resellers & bot shop dropshippers to undercut legitimate Etsy sellers on their so-called “handmade, small business” platform. We will put our shops on vacation mode or deactivate our listings April 11-18. Those of us who can will strike for the whole week, and some of us are striking only for April 11.

Buyers can support the strike too, by boycotting Etsy from April 11-18, and looking for ways outside of Etsy to support sellers.

These are our demands:

Cancel the fee increase.
Crack down on resellers with a comprehensive plan that is transparent, so sellers can hold Etsy accountable.
Give ‘Golden’ support tickets to sellers affected by extreme AI actions (account termination, 45/90 day holds, etc.)
End the Star Seller Program.
Give all sellers the ability to opt out of off-site ads.
For more information on each of these topics and how they impact each of us as sellers, see our petition.

*The myths that many Etsy bootlickers will try & sell you:

“We’re not employees so this is not a ‘strike’”

-A strike is withholding our labor. Our labor is how Etsy makes their profit. We may not be direct employees but we have an employee/employer relationship with Etsy.

“We’re free to go to other places if we’re unhappy with current conditions”

-A point that does little to address our valid concerns with the main platform we use AND pay for. In fact, most of us already sell on multiple platforms, but Etsy is where many buyers find us first, so it is in everyone’s best interest to improve Etsy. Also, if you mean other platforms like Depop…well, Etsy bought them out for $1.625 billion dollars last July.

“We should just pass on the fee increases to the customer”

-Why should our customers have to bear this burden? Passing the buck to our customers doesn’t help anyone and actively hurts all of us.

*Sold as a complete set but you can also buy bottle openers and mirrors individually. If you're ordering a bottle opener or mirror just add a note which one you want when purchased.
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1", 1.5", 2.25" Pinback Buttons, Magnets, Bottle Openers
All buttons are Union Made in the USA

(4) 1" pinback button $3.50
(4) 1" magnet $4.50
(4) 1 1/2" pinback button $5.50
(4) 1 1/2" magnet $8.00
(4) 2 1/4" pinback button $7.50
(4) 2 1/4" magnet $10.00
(4) 2 1/4" bottle opener w/ magnet $18.00
Individual Bottle Opener $6.00
(4) 2 1/4" Mirror Set $18.00
Individual Mirror $6.00